October 9, 2016

Weekend Vibes

It's fitting that we're posting pictures from our overdue beach time as a family as an overdue blog post haha We haven't gone to the beach together in so long, and we happened to snatch my camera so we could properly document our time together. We went to Waikiki beach at around 5pm and it was such a perfect time of day. The sun was going down and so it wasn't scorching hot, there weren't people crowding the beach even though it was a Saturday, and the colors of the afternoon/evening were just gorgeous. It was a really relaxing way to kick off our weekend together!

 It was nice seeing David so relaxed at the beach after another hard week at work :) I felt like I could pretty much see the stress melting away. He works so hard for us!
 I love that girl!

 Ryenne certainly pulls more of David's genes than mine, but in these pictures I thought she seemed like she was actually a pretty good blend of the two of us. Maybe as she grows older she will look more and more like a mix :) She still has Daddy's eyes through and through though! Other than the color, that is!

Well, I'm 24 weeks along now which translates to 6 months pregnant - but as you can see this swimsuit still has a lot of room to grow! So far I've gained about 15 lbs and I'm hoping that I don't gain a whole lot more (last time I gained 40!!!!)! This pregnancy has been such a breeze and believe me, I consider myself very blessed! It would be so hard to parent a toddler AND have a rough pregnancy, so I am very very grateful for how easy and beautiful it's been! We are getting so excited to meet our little Aubrey Isla though!

 Can she just stay this little forever??

It was a night to remember with this little family of mine <3 

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