October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016

Another fun year going to Trunk or Treat in the valley over for some candy and games! This year was hard coming up with a family costume theme because the fact that I was pregnant made a lot of fun family dress-up ideas just weird (this year I was convinced pre-baby #2 that we were going to be Tarzan, Jane, and a baby gorilla, but a pregnant Jane? Uh... that's a little strange).
One day when I was going through Ryenne's clothes, I realized that she had THE perfect Dorothy dress and even had some ruby slippers! It seemed obvious that we should go for the Wizard of Oz this year - and a pregnant scarecrow wouldn't be too weird or noticeable either ;) All I had to do was convince David to be the tin man and my mom to come along as the cowardly lion (she has the best hair for a lion's mane, am I right??). They were both very easy to convince and loved the idea right away! It was a done deal.
I had lots of fun this year going shopping for our costume supplies (which came out to a grand total of $10 I might add) with Hannah and then going back to her house to put our creations together. She and her family joined us at University Avenue Baptist Church's annual Trunk or Treat a little after we had arrived - their family came as Egyptians! We also brought one of Ryenne's good buddies, Faith, who came as an authentic princess but later switched to being the Duchess of the Emerald City haha ;) It was fun having friends along with us!

There were lots of games for the kids and they got candy regardless of whether they won the games or not ;) Ryenne would have been happy stopping after two games because she was so engrossed in her two candy prizes, but we convinced her to keep moving. That girl had so much candy though!!

My mom made an AWESOME lioness, as predicted. We got really creative with her makeup, and it was fun seeing her transform from human to feline ;) Prettiest blue-eyed lioness I've ever seen!

David's costume was also really fun. He was such a good sport because it required quite a lot of duct tape and not much mobility after he had his suit on. He never even complained about wearing the funnel hat! Hannah was the one that spray painted everything for me after we read that a pregnant woman inhaling spray paint fumes could result in some deformities for the baby.... yikes! Poor thing had to do a lot of spray painting that day haha (thanks, Hannah!)

My get-up was super easy and last minute I decided to let the bump have it's own costume as a pumpkin since it didn't seem too crazy for a scarecrow to have a pumpkin with it ;) I don't think many people even noticed though because it was too fun seeing the lion, the tin man, the scarecrow, and Dorothy all together!

The kids all played the games and then we sat down and ate chili and cheesy nachos and shaved ice. It had been raining all day but thankfully the rain held off until the last 15ish minutes of the Trunk or Treat festivities. We were thankful our night wasn't spoiled and that God held off the rain for us!
This was our third year dressing up as a family for Halloween - our first year we were Superman, Lois Lane, and a baby Kryptonite and the second year was Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, and the Huntsman. I hope next year we can dress up as a family again because it's so much fun to have a costume theme together!
Enjoy the pictures!

Lil cutie
This was such a cute "game" - kids just had to name all the animals in the trunk ;)

Blue sticky mess

I spy some Egyptians coming....
Such pretty girls
Nice pose, Gavin

That's one cute family of Egyptians!
The youngest Egyptian ;)
Chili cheesy nachos and shaved ice :)

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