March 1, 2016


The other night during bath time I ran to get my camera so I could take some pics of Rye in the bath, and when I returned it wasn't just Rye anymore - David had changed into his swim shorts and was in the tub too! haha Ryenne had so much fun with Daddy in the tub. Sometimes Rye and I take baths together and it is such a special one-on-one time for her! She really enjoys the focused attention in a small space where we can play and talk and make lots of bubbles ;) So it was fun this time that David could share that playtime with Ryenne.

Lol this series of photos cracks me up! You can see in the picture below that Ryenne has just realized Daddy is about to dump a bucket of water on her head - look at those big eyes!!
She quickly turns away to avoid getting covered in water
Daddy pours the bucket on himself instead ;)

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