March 8, 2016

Date Night: The Counter

Wow, it was way too long since David and I went out on a date just the two of us. Okay, it might sound weird to specify "just the two of us," but the reason is that about once a month we do go out on a triple date with 2 other couples. Last night however we went out all on our own and had some much needed hubby and wife time!
The funniest part about this date night was that we had NO idea what we wanted to do - I'm talking down to the last second and even changing our minds halfway through our date! We were both in the mood for a good burger, and that's about all we were sure of. We drove out to Koko Marina, grabbed a deck of cards and played one of our favorite card games together by the pier, expecting to eat at one of the restaurants nearby once we worked up an appetite. Butttt, once we started feeling the hunger cues, we decided that The Counter was a much better choice. Basically we drove out to Koko Marina just to play cards, but hey, that was actually really fun!
Once we got to The Counter, we settled in and checked out their menu. The cool thing about The Counter is getting to build your own burger! I opted for a beef burger on a bun with spinach, onion, roasted red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, and teriyaki sauce. David chose 3 different sauces, then created a spicy burger with green chiles, roasted red peppers, spicy aioli, and sautéed onion. We also got a peanut butter chocolate shake to share - which was HEAVENLY because Ryenne is allergic to peanuts and we can never get anything pb&chocolate anymore if we plan on sharing with her! To top it all off, we got some sweet potato fries. YUMMM.

The food was GREAT and we had so much fun chatting and laughing and being together :)

When we were out, we couldn't shake the crazy feeling that dates just don't seem to be as fulfilling as they used to be when it was just the two of us. I know that sounds lame, but hear us out first! We don't by any means think that we don't need date nights anymore: we do! It is so healthy for our marriage and our family to have time set apart to focus on one another. We had such a fun time last night and enjoyed playing games that we don't get to play when we have a toddler running around the house or  being able to eat food that we can't normally eat when our peanut-sensitive daughter is with us. We enjoyed talking about US and reminiscing on life over the past 2.5 years. We loved just being together!
But, as parents, and more importantly, as a family, we have realized that our most fulfilling moments are spent together as a family now. How much better it is to share life with our little girl. To see life through her eyes and to experience things together that are new to her. Last Saturday we were able to have one of those priceless family nights when we had a picnic at the beach in Waikiki. David and Rye played in the water almost the entire time, and I watched the two of them, my heart just brimming with happiness.
When I was pregnant with Ryenne and had only a couple of weeks left before she was to be born, I would cry and tell David how I just couldn't imagine life not being just the two of us anymore. Part of me just couldn't help looking at this new baby as if she were some kind of intruder. We were so excited for her arrival, but at the same time it seemed that the end of a very precious season was coming. Even after Ryenne was born, I remember having a very difficult time with the reality that I would never have David all to myself again. Ryenne was forever a part of our lives and nothing would ever be the same.
Slowly, as David and I got to know our daughter more and more - her mannerisms, her expressions, her voice, her hands, her eyes, her skin, her smell, her smile - we fell in love. We finally understood that our lives were indeed forever changed - but for the better :) Everything about our world became more vibrant and alive with the appearance of our little girl, and we learned to love in a whole new way. We also learned to love each other in a different way - and the kind of love we share now is infinitely deeper than the love we had for one another when it was just us.
Sappy, sappy, sappy.
All that to say, we had a wonderful, fulfilling date night together and enjoyed every minute in each other's company - but we were also so so excited and happy to be back with our girl at the end of the night :)


  1. Hi Randie Megan! I just came across your blog (from Bethany Menzel) and I just think it is so cute! Your little family seems so special and full of love. I totally connect with the thoughts you have about a date night out with your husband: it's so needed and so fun, but yet it just seems like a piece of you is missing when you are out without the little one! :D It's amazing how fast they just become a part of YOU and you can't imagine life without them.
    I look forward to reading along as you share more of your life + family!

    1. Thanks so much for the positive words! I'm glad you could relate because I wondered how many people would scoff at the idea that date nights just aren't the same after you have kids. I know that pre-baby I probably would have! But it really isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing!
      Thanks again!