January 2, 2016

Not Your Typical New Year's Post

The coming and going of the new and old year signifies many things, but for us it is the dawning of yet another new chapter. Right before Christmas our landlord stopped by to inform us that he would be significantly raising the rent, and a week later we received the official notice in the mail. David and I had already talked about what we would do if any kind of rent increase were to come about, and with him already working two jobs to provide for our family, we had decided that if there was to be a rent increase that we would need to find another place to live. As the holidays came and went it was a bittersweet time knowing that it would be the first and last Christmas that we would ever have in this cottage that we have turned into a home. Yet both of us felt strongly that although what lies ahead may seem daunting and altogether unknown, we could rest in the truth that God is always faithful and good, and He knows our needs far better than we think we do.
By the end of this month we will be turning over the keys to our landlord and only God knows where we will be calling home next, but we are truly confident that He has a plan that is perfect for us! We are not worried or afraid of this new step, and we embrace the opportunity to blindly step out into the unknown knowing that God has the next chapter covered.
That being said, we are very heavy hearted when we think of all that we are going to miss. We will miss living so close to my mom and Lee, being able to walk around the neighborhood to all our frequented spots, our wonderful neighbors, the Weichhaus family and Ryenne's BFF, Gabi, and just the four walls and roof that we have come to know and love so much over the past 12 months. We will miss our yard, the banana trees that are constantly providing us with apple bananas, line-drying our clothes and diapers, playing out in the courtyard, and growing plants in the garden. We will miss hearing Ryenne's little toddler-voice say contentedly every time we step through the front door, "We're 'OME!"
Life isn't perfect and our time at this place hasn't been without flaw either. In some ways we do feel relieved to be leaving, especially knowing that the rent is going to be so unattainably high. But we think back to other places in our past that God has brought us to and through and know that He will do the same again with someplace else :)

This is a photo that David took around Christmastime right after we found out that we were going to have to leave. To me the rainbow overlooking that little cottage signifies that God keeps His promises and that He is always GOOD and FAITHFUL to His children. There is so much comfort in that!
We do ask that over the next few weeks you keep us in your prayers as we are going to be hunting for a new home and packing up all our possessions during that time. Things are bound to get crazy! On top of that, David's parents are coming to visit us for a month in just under 2 weeks and so unfortunately they are going to be with us in the heat of the mess AND now have to spend some of their time here apart from us. Pray that we will be able to stay sane and that our eyes would remain focused on God's promise and His character. Pray that the Graefs will still be able to have a nice vacation and reprieve from all of their other ministry-related things they are leaving to come here! Pray that we will be able to maintain some sort of schedule so that Ryenne can still count on consistency and structure in the midst of crazy days up ahead. Pray that David can balance two jobs and the chaos of moving without letting anything slip. Pray that I will be able to be productive packing day in and day out on top of all of my other homemaker/wife/mama responsibilities. Pray that we will find a new place to call HOME.
Thank you for reading and for keeping us in your prayers.

Much love,
The Graefs

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