October 15, 2015

The Art of Snail Mail

Getting ready to walk to the mailbox! (P.S. That is marker on her face, not blood.)

Some of you may know that last month I deactivated my Facebook indefinitely. Ultimately it was a decision that I made because I simply felt that it was not something that I needed in my life at the time - it is a very busy, crazy time of life for us! At the end of the night when I put Ryenne to bed, I didn't like feeling as if part of my day had been wasted using Facebook. I was very involved in a group that I had created last year for mothers of babies born in the summer of 2014, and it had grown over the course of just a few months to over 700 members! While it was exciting and the group was certainly very useful and beneficial as all our babies hit the same growth spurts and learning curves at the same time, it was VERY tiring and time consuming to manage a group of that size. So, leaving that group and all of the responsibility that it entailed was also a big determining factor in closing my Facebook account.
Isn't it crazy that we even have to make decisions like this and that they seem like such a big deal??? Just twenty years ago people didn't have to think about stuff like this! Geez!

I told Ryenne to "smile" and she thought I said "smell" so here she is, sniffing the envelopes

Anyway, all of that to say, I've taken it back to old school snail mail as a means of keeping in touch with people now that that outlet is closed. So far, we love it! When I say "we" it's because Ryenne does a lot of snail mail writing along with me. She has her BFFs Kingston and Meadow over in Kauai to write to all the time, and they enjoy sending over their thoughtful little scribbles to Ryenne as well :) It's so sweet to see them open each other's letters.
I have also enjoyed getting back into writing letters. Whether it's an intentional "pen pal" type of relationship, or just sending a note or card to let someone know I'm thinking of them or praying for them, I really enjoy both writing and receiving these letters :) It makes me so sad that the art of snail mail is such a thing of the past. When you write someone a letter, it is so much more meaningful and heartfelt than mindlessly scrolling through a newsfeed. I love hearing news straight from the horse's mouth rather than finding something out on Facebook. Of course, we still do use technology and social media as a means to connect on Instagram or the blog, etc., but as far as one-on-one correspondence goes, snail mail is where it's at for us!

A new fad that I learned about over this new period of life for me without Facebook is "mail tag." Maybe it was around when I was a kid writing my faithful pen pal and cousin, Jenny, but I had never heard of it until recently! Basically what it is is an endless game of tag between you and one other person. Every time you write a letter, you ask two questions. The other person responds with their answers along with two questions for you. You can also opt to answer the questions that you asked yourself as well, but that does make for a longer letter. I really like this idea so far because 1) it keeps the conversation going 2) you get to really learn about this person and 3) it's pretty quick and simple so you don't have to worry about devoting a huge chunk of time to reply (unless you're me and you can't seem to stop your pen from scrawling endlessly).

It's been really fun to get back into good ol' letter writing, and it's a really fun hobby to share with Ryenne even at such a young age. I love that when I ask her if she wants to go to the mailbox with me, she lights up and runs to the door, knowing exactly what I'm talking about!

Thanks for reading!
Randie Megan

Rye carrying our incoming mail which was a super exciting bill!!! Hooray! (sarcasm)

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