June 13, 2013

The Opposite Side of the World

Buna ziua! (Good day! in Romanian)

Well, here we are - updating the blog from Athens, Greece! We have been pretty much constantly on the go since we arrived in Bucharest on Sunday, so I'll try to do a quick but thorough review here from the past few days!

Saturday 6/8-
- Left Chicago, IL at 5:30pm

Sunday 6/9-
- Transferred planes in Warsaw, Poland
- Arrived in Bucharest, Romania at 2:30pm
(13 hour time difference from Hawaii and a 8 hour time difference from Chicago)
- Met David's parents, Tom & Gela, and his two sisters, Jess & Hannah!

At the airport: RM & David, Hannah, Jessica, and Gela Graef

With Gela & Tom Graef!

Monday 6/10-

- Helped the Graefs pack up their apartment in Bucharest. After four years in Romania, this summer they are returning to the states for furlough. We arrived just in time to help them pack up and move from their home of four years and into the ABWE Romania Team apartment where it will stay until they return from their year in the states.
- Packed up for two weeks in Greece.
- Had an encouraging evening and dinner with Andreea, Mihai, Marina, & Amelia - friends from the Graef's church, Alpha Omega, in Romania.

Tuesday 6/11-
- Packed up the van and the 6 of us began our 2-day roadtrip to Greece! We drove through Bulgaria and then into Thessaloniki, Greece.

Customs in Bulgaria - check out that lettering!

Wednesday 6/12-
Resumed our journey to Athens and arrived at about 5pm.

We stopped and hiked up an old monastery
that looked like a castle on our way to Athens

View from the monastery

The Coast

The Fam <3 

I found this little turtle (named him Clark) while we were
at the castle! I wished I could take him home!
And that brings us pretty much up to date! Today we are just getting settled in our two apartments before the planning, scheduling, and organizing begins!

Thank you for the prayers - our flights went smoothly and we were able to drive for hours through both storms and sunshine. The driving here is kind of crazy, so I'm sure the prayers helped a lot! Apparently 2 lanes on the road equals 3 lanes in Eastern Europe! haha ;) Jet lag has not been too unbearable, although we have definitely felt it! We've been waking up at 5 or 6am every morning rearing to go!

Prayer Requests:
  • You can keep the campers in prayer that we will be serving here in Greece next week. It is a junior camp, so that means the kids will be around ages 8-12 years old, and the last count we received was about 60! That's 60 lives that can be impacted by Christ! Greece is an unreached people group, which means that less than 2% even claim to have any sort of evangelistic faith. Needless to say, the chances of many of these kids ever even hearing about Christ is minute. We are praying that God uses us and this camp to reach many souls - children and parents alike.
  • I (Randie Megan) hurt my wrist somehow while helping move the Graefs out of their apartment. Yesterday we got a wrist brace for it, and today it feels much better, but please pray that it would heal thoroughly before we really get involved in the summer ministries and activities that we have planned.

I'm not sure when we'll have time to update again because when we begin camp we won't have internet anymore, but in the meantime we really want to thank you for the prayers and love that you've all shown us! We appreciate each and every one of you, and are happy to keep this blog updated as a small effort of giving back to you.

With Love,
David & Randie Megan

Wedding Countdown: 57 days!

Up Ahead: Orientation in Athens, Greece and Junior Camp

June 8, 2013

Final Countdown to Europe

Today, in less than 8 hours, we will be leaving for Eastern Europe! We fly in to Warsaw, Poland, and then catch a second flight our final destination: Bucharest, Romania. There we will meet up with the Graef family at approximately 2:30pm (which would be 2:30am Hawaii time and 7:30am Chicago time).

Here are some prayer requests/praises that we have!

  • Please pray for us while we travel! Since it is an international flight, we will be going through customs and such, and so it will be slightly more rigorous than just hopping on a plane to somewhere in the U.S. Pray that we will be safe, make our connecting flight okay, and that we will get through customs and everything without any problems!
  • Jet lag! We are going to be going through some extreme time zone changes! Please pray that God would enable our bodies to adjust quickly so that we will be able to think clearly and work hard in the weeks ahead.
  • PRAISE: ALL of our support came in!!!! In our last update, we had just a little bit to go... but by the time I left Hawaii on Thursday morning, we were financially all set! Thank you so much for the support and generosity! You have been part of an extremely faith-boosting experience for us - one that we will not forget! It has been a privilege to get to witness it all come to pass firsthand, and we hope that you were able to witness a piece of it through this blog!

That just about wraps up this short blog update! We really can't say enough how thankful we are for each and every one of your prayers. We have full confidence and assurance of the cloud of blessing and protection that surrounds and encompasses us wherever we go, and a great deal of that confidence comes from the knowledge of your prayers! Thank you so, so much!
Our next update should be from.... GREECE!

No more long distance!!!

With much love & gratitude,
David & Randie Megan
Eastern Europe Countdown: <1 day!
Wedding Countdown: 62 days

Up Ahead: Flight to Romania, traveling to Greece, orientation & prep work for upcoming weeks of ministry

June 4, 2013

Blessings Abound

Well, we are less than one week away from beginning our summer ministry in Eastern Europe, and today our hearts are just overflowing with thanksgiving and gratitude! God is always good, and He always provides, but today He did so in a very tangible way that has left David and me in complete awe...
Just this morning David & I talked about some of the details of the summer, and mission trip funds was one of those details. We pooled the support that each of us had raised within the past month, and estimated that we had about $2,440.00 between the two of us. Although we felt humbled and blessed by the generosity of the churches and individuals who had already given, this was $3,560.00 short of our $6,000.00 support goal. However, based on what God had already done through the generosity of various people and churches in both Hawaii and on the mainland, David & I were both confident that we serve a faithful and powerful God who is capable of doing great things, and so we were able to go about our days assured that He would provide.
As the day progressed, David & I were informed via two phone calls that another $3,000.00 was being given toward our summer of ministry!!! What a huge answer to prayer - only hours later!
Needless to say, God has once again proven that He is a faithful and committed God who cares about the prayers and petitions of His children! We are so grateful and wanted to share this uplifting example of God's goodness with you in hopes that you will be blessed by it too!
Thank you for all of the love, support, and prayers! We feel very loved and exceedingly blessed!

Excited/ecstatic/enthusiastic/eager for a "lives-changing" summer......
David & Randie Megan

"My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe."
Psalm 45:1

Eastern Europe Countdown: 4 days
Wedding Countdown: 66 days

June 1, 2013

An Adventure Unfolds

Hello everyone!
Welcome to our blog! We thought that since we have so many friends and family members scattered across the face of the earth, that it might be a good idea to start a blog as an attempt at keeping everyone in the loop during our upcoming adventures! Some of you may have been referred here by our Facebook group, but when it comes to lengthy updates (like this one), a blog just might be better! (Note: Neither David or I have ever really blogged before, so please bear with us as we attempt to be somewhat consistent with updating this one!) So! Anyway, you get the picture: David & Randie Megan started a blog.

How It All Began:
By now most of you know that David & I are engaged as of March, and that the wedding date has been set for August 9th! Only 69 days away from today! So, this section is not about how we met or how David popped the question (although maybe one day we'll post that up here)... It's actually about how this mission trip came about! For David's Linguistics major at Moody Bible Institute, he was required to do a 6-week summer ministry internship overseas. This past semester he took an "Intro to Ministry" class which helped to prepare him for the upcoming summer internship. When it came to choosing where we he was going to go, the decision was not that hard. God has blessed David with an amazing gift with languages, and after being in Eastern Europe with his family for three years ending last summer, he was not only fluent in Romanian, but he had also picked up a few more languages as well! It became clear to David that God had given him a precious gift that he could use to advance His kingdom not only in America or Romania, but in other countries too! Since David's long term dream is to one day return to Eastern Europe and go into full-time missions, it made sense that, as his future wife, I would go with him on this internship to support, encourage, and work beside him in whatever way I can! David's family (Tom, Gela, Jess, & Hannah Graef) are current full-time missionaries in Romania, and so we will be working alongside of them and serving with them in Romania, but also in a couple of other countries as well!

The Plan:
David and I will be working closely with his family and his church family doing several different missions in Eastern Europe. Here is our itinerary if you would like to see what's up ahead!

June 8 - David & RM depart from Chicago/Arrive in Romania/Meet up with the Graefs!
June 9 - Alfa Omega Baptist Church
June 11-12 - Travel to Greece
June 12-19 - Orientation & final planning/preparation
June 20-29 - Evangelistic children's camp near Athens
June 29-30 - Travel to Harghita, Romania
June 30-July 6 - Missionary care retreat
July 7-10 - Bucharest, Romania (Gela & Hannah leave for US)
July 11-13 Brasov (?)
July 14-19 Belgrade Serbia Word of Life evangelistic camp
July 20 - David & RM depart for USA/Arrive in Chicago

Thank You
Please pray for us as we embark on this journey! We appreciate all the support and encouragement, and also want to say a HUGE thank you to those who have so generously given toward our trip! It has been an unbelievably overwhelming blessing. We have seen God provide in many ways, but this has truly been such a faith booster as He continues to provide for and bless our upcoming outreach to Romania, Greece, and Serbia!

Much love & gratitude,
David & Randie Megan

"For this I toil, struggling with all His energy that He powerfully works within me."
Colossians 1:29