July 12, 2013

Romania Meanderings

Hello to all our wonderful friends & family across the globe!
The past couple of weeks we have been back in Romania after our week in Greece at junior camp. First, we helped out at a missionary care retreat in Harghita, Romania, doing work with the missionary kids. David had prepared bible lessons for the children (ages 3-14), and had come up with a variety of games and crafts to do with them everyday. On our team this time along with the Graefs we had Edith (who had been with us in Greece) and a new team member, Josh from Turkey! The week was great - the missionary families were very grateful to have a team at the camp with the sole purpose of child care so that they could rest easy during the various lectures and meetings throughout the day. Unfortunately, Randie Megan was sick with a cold for the first half of the week and spent most of the time resting in bed, but by the middle of the week she was able to contribute to the team again. Some of the other fun events of the week included a day spent outdoors in the nearby forest and meadow, rock climbing, a talent night, and relaxing time spent picking wildflowers in the fields that surrounded the camp!We returned to Bucharest (about a 5 hour drive) on Friday, and that weekend the Graefs proceeded to pack up and organize their belongings before leaving for America on furlough. During the down time, David and Randie Megan were able to get some much-needed wedding planning in! That was a huge blessing! Hannah and Gela returned to the states on Wednesday, and Jess, Tom, David, and Randie Megan were able to do some sightseeing in between camps! We took a train to Brasov and stayed in a pensiune (similar to a small hotel) near the old little historical part of Brasov. We visited the Black Church and enjoyed listening to its enormous organ and bell choir! Yesterday we did some rock climbing and geocaching (think worldwide treasure hunt) in the Carpathian mountains, and today we visited the beautiful, intricate Palace of Peles! It has been a rejuvenating and relaxing few days, and we now feel reenergized for this last leg of the journey: SERBIA. We leave tomorrow morning and will be on our way driving down to camp til Sunday! It's hard to believe we only have one week left of this amazing summer adventure!

NINJA with the kids at the missionary care retreat in Harghita!
Josh & his matching buddy 
Edith & Randie Megan planted a little baby Christmas tree
Randie Megan & one of the kids at the missionary care retreat
David gets attacked by a sock puppet!
People's Palace, Bucharest
The train ride to Brasov! 
Jess & Tom on the train

Architecture in the Black Church
David & Randie Megan in front of Dracula's Castle (Bran, Romania)
On our way to go rock-climbing in Zarnesti
Met a friend in Zarnesti
Carpathian Mountains in Zarnesti
Peles Palace
Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for our journey down to Serbia tomorrow via car! God has been faithful to keep us safe as we drive all this summer thus far, and we know He can continue to do so for the remainder of our trip! Please also keep the campers that we will be serving in Serbia in prayer and that God would do great things through us while we are there!
  • The Graef family is going through a lot of transitions right now as they put their mission here on hold before leaving for furlough. Gela and Hannah are currently in the states getting their home ready for the upcoming year, while Tom and Jess are still here with us til July 20. Please keep their family in prayer as they have a lot going on the rest of the summer (let alone the rest of the year!) - including an upcoming wedding in Hawaii!
  • David and Randie Megan are now in the twenties for the wedding countdown! Please pray for us as we prepare not only for the wedding, but also for our marriage! These past few weeks have been hugely beneficial in growing us together as a team, and we pray that God continues to do so for the rest of our lives! 4 more weeks to go! Pray that we get everything prepped, ready, and done in time. Also...
  • Pray that God would provide a place for us in Chicago. During David's last few semesters at Moody Bible Institute, we will obviously need a place to live! We have a grand total of ten days allotted that will be devoted solely to the purpose of finding a place to live beginning in August when we return from our honeymoon! If you could pray for us specifically during the dates of July 20th - 30th, those are the dates that we will be house-hunting in The Windy City!

Saying "thank you" at the end of each blog update just does not seem to be enough... How do we communicate just how much gratitude we have for each of your continued prayers and support for us during this time in our lives? Truly, our hearts are so grateful for you!
Much love and blessings!
David & Randie Megan

Return to the U.S.: 8 days
Wedding Countdown: 28 days

Up Ahead: Traveling Down to Serbia, Word of Life Serbia camp with Tom, Jessica, and David, return to the states (July 20)

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