July 1, 2013

Junior Camp in Greece

Aloha everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I've updated, but the junior camp that we were at in Greece had no wi-fi let alone any contact with the outside world! We actually had to take a boat in order to get there! It was a great experience - some challenges included not knowing the language, and the fact that we were VERY short on water in 90 degree weather, but we were also able to help out with games, worship, devotionals, bathroom cleaning, lifeguard duty, kitchen, and more! God was definitely able to use us last week! We were blessed to have a very willing and ready team.
Now we have driven back to Romania, where we are helping out with a missions care group. We are in charge of childcare for about 17 children ages 3-14. It is very similar to what we did in Uruguay last year at the missionary conference actually! Again, for me there is a language barrier, but the Graefs all speak Romanian, and we have another friend with us, Edith, who is Romanian :) It's a great group and we are here until Friday!
I'm sorry this can't be a very long or well-thought-out update, but I only have a limited amount of time! Here are some pictures from our time in Greece at the junior camp though!

Junior camp (Porto Astro) in Greece

Hannah helping out with the rock climbing wall 
The waterfront - beautiful ocean, NO SAND though haha!

Games with the Romania team!


Cowboy, Chicken, Conqueror

Water games

Last day - sunrise on the water as we all left camp via boat!

Team Romania
Wedding Countdown: 38 days

Up Ahead: This week - Romania missions care group/working with the kids, next week Brasov, Romania

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