June 8, 2013

Final Countdown to Europe

Today, in less than 8 hours, we will be leaving for Eastern Europe! We fly in to Warsaw, Poland, and then catch a second flight our final destination: Bucharest, Romania. There we will meet up with the Graef family at approximately 2:30pm (which would be 2:30am Hawaii time and 7:30am Chicago time).

Here are some prayer requests/praises that we have!

  • Please pray for us while we travel! Since it is an international flight, we will be going through customs and such, and so it will be slightly more rigorous than just hopping on a plane to somewhere in the U.S. Pray that we will be safe, make our connecting flight okay, and that we will get through customs and everything without any problems!
  • Jet lag! We are going to be going through some extreme time zone changes! Please pray that God would enable our bodies to adjust quickly so that we will be able to think clearly and work hard in the weeks ahead.
  • PRAISE: ALL of our support came in!!!! In our last update, we had just a little bit to go... but by the time I left Hawaii on Thursday morning, we were financially all set! Thank you so much for the support and generosity! You have been part of an extremely faith-boosting experience for us - one that we will not forget! It has been a privilege to get to witness it all come to pass firsthand, and we hope that you were able to witness a piece of it through this blog!

That just about wraps up this short blog update! We really can't say enough how thankful we are for each and every one of your prayers. We have full confidence and assurance of the cloud of blessing and protection that surrounds and encompasses us wherever we go, and a great deal of that confidence comes from the knowledge of your prayers! Thank you so, so much!
Our next update should be from.... GREECE!

No more long distance!!!

With much love & gratitude,
David & Randie Megan
Eastern Europe Countdown: <1 day!
Wedding Countdown: 62 days

Up Ahead: Flight to Romania, traveling to Greece, orientation & prep work for upcoming weeks of ministry

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