June 1, 2013

An Adventure Unfolds

Hello everyone!
Welcome to our blog! We thought that since we have so many friends and family members scattered across the face of the earth, that it might be a good idea to start a blog as an attempt at keeping everyone in the loop during our upcoming adventures! Some of you may have been referred here by our Facebook group, but when it comes to lengthy updates (like this one), a blog just might be better! (Note: Neither David or I have ever really blogged before, so please bear with us as we attempt to be somewhat consistent with updating this one!) So! Anyway, you get the picture: David & Randie Megan started a blog.

How It All Began:
By now most of you know that David & I are engaged as of March, and that the wedding date has been set for August 9th! Only 69 days away from today! So, this section is not about how we met or how David popped the question (although maybe one day we'll post that up here)... It's actually about how this mission trip came about! For David's Linguistics major at Moody Bible Institute, he was required to do a 6-week summer ministry internship overseas. This past semester he took an "Intro to Ministry" class which helped to prepare him for the upcoming summer internship. When it came to choosing where we he was going to go, the decision was not that hard. God has blessed David with an amazing gift with languages, and after being in Eastern Europe with his family for three years ending last summer, he was not only fluent in Romanian, but he had also picked up a few more languages as well! It became clear to David that God had given him a precious gift that he could use to advance His kingdom not only in America or Romania, but in other countries too! Since David's long term dream is to one day return to Eastern Europe and go into full-time missions, it made sense that, as his future wife, I would go with him on this internship to support, encourage, and work beside him in whatever way I can! David's family (Tom, Gela, Jess, & Hannah Graef) are current full-time missionaries in Romania, and so we will be working alongside of them and serving with them in Romania, but also in a couple of other countries as well!

The Plan:
David and I will be working closely with his family and his church family doing several different missions in Eastern Europe. Here is our itinerary if you would like to see what's up ahead!

June 8 - David & RM depart from Chicago/Arrive in Romania/Meet up with the Graefs!
June 9 - Alfa Omega Baptist Church
June 11-12 - Travel to Greece
June 12-19 - Orientation & final planning/preparation
June 20-29 - Evangelistic children's camp near Athens
June 29-30 - Travel to Harghita, Romania
June 30-July 6 - Missionary care retreat
July 7-10 - Bucharest, Romania (Gela & Hannah leave for US)
July 11-13 Brasov (?)
July 14-19 Belgrade Serbia Word of Life evangelistic camp
July 20 - David & RM depart for USA/Arrive in Chicago

Thank You
Please pray for us as we embark on this journey! We appreciate all the support and encouragement, and also want to say a HUGE thank you to those who have so generously given toward our trip! It has been an unbelievably overwhelming blessing. We have seen God provide in many ways, but this has truly been such a faith booster as He continues to provide for and bless our upcoming outreach to Romania, Greece, and Serbia!

Much love & gratitude,
David & Randie Megan

"For this I toil, struggling with all His energy that He powerfully works within me."
Colossians 1:29

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